Panda Craft out of egg cartons

Looking for a fun and easy recycled paper craft project for your kids? Look no further than this egg carton panda craft! With just a few simple supplies, you can help your little ones create an adorable little panda to display or gift to a friend or loved one. Best of all, we’ve got a free downloadable guide to make the project even easier. Read on for instructions and download the guide now! Use the downloadable steps in your classroom or at home.

Before getting started with this project, remember to discuss the importance of upcycling and reusing materials like recycled paper egg cartons. While there are many opinions on what the best way to teach children about being sustainable is, most would probably agree that getting them involved in the process is a great start. An easy way to do this is by using egg cartons in craft projects. They can be reused in a variety of ways to make a fun craft, like this panda. When discussing the project, remember to remind your kids that purchasing products in recycled paper packaging over plastic and styrofoam can reduce single-use plastic waste from going to the landfill and into our waterways and oceans. Now let’s get the project started:

This egg carton panda is a fun and easy way to teach kids about recycling and reducing single-use plastic waste. Are you crafting this? Tag us in your egg carton crafts using #ditchplasticpackaging or at

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