There is a growing need to reduce our single-use plastic and polystyrene foam consumption. As the Pacific Garbage Patch continues to grow, more and more people are showing an interest in making smarter decisions when they’re out shopping. However, shopping plastic and polystyrene foam-free can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t know where to start. We’ve made this list to make it easier for those who are ready to #ditchplasticpackaging.


  • Always make a list before heading out to the store.
  • Replace your plastic shopping bags with reusable cloth bags.
  • Assess your bulk section first. Some retailers allow you to use your own glass jars to fill with bulk items instead of using plastic bags
  • Replace plastic produce bags with your own reusable produce bags.
  • Purchase eggs and other foods in moulded fibre packaging instead of plastic or polystyrene foam.
  • Purchase items in packaging that you will reuse like jars or purchase items in cans as this is more valuable for recycling facilities.
  • Shop confidently knowing that you’re on a journey to reduce plastic and polystyrene waste.


Plastic shopping bags Reusable cloth bags

Plastic water bottles Stainless steel or glass water bottles

Plastic produce bags Reusable produce bags

Plastic straws Portable metal straw

Plastic cling wrapReusable beeswax food wraps

Plastic sandwich and snack bagsSilicone or fabric snack bags

To-go cups Reusable glass or stainless steel mug

Plastic toothbrushBamboo toothbrush

Plastic and polystyrene Moulded fibre cartons foam cartons

ditch plastic egg mascot

Start where you can and with in your means. Slowly choose to replace select items at a time. If you’re making swaps, snap a photo and tag us using @ditchplasticpackaging on Instagram and #ditchplasticpackaging.