Are you ready to reduce your single-use PET plastic and polystyrene foam packaging at home? Use our checklist to help you eliminate plastic and polystyrene foam in each room of your house.


Plastic toothbrush ➔ Bamboo toothbrush

Shampoo bottles ➔ Shampoo bar

Body wash ➔ Bar of soap

Sunscreen bottles ➔ Sunscreen blocks

Disposable razors ➔ Safety razor

Cotton q-tips (earbuds) ➔ Compostable buds or stainless steel ear pick

Diapers ➔ Cloth diapers

Dental floss ➔ Silk floss

Lip balm ➔ DIY lip balm

Loofah ➔ Natural bath brush or organic loofah

Disposable face wipes ➔ Reusable face wipes


Plastic shopping bags ➔ Cloth bag

Plastic produce bags ➔ Reusable produce bags

Food packaging ➔ Glass jars for shopping bulk

Plastic water bottles ➔ Stainless steel water bottle

Plastic wrap ➔ Cloth bowl cover or beeswax wraps

Teabags ➔ Stainless steel tea infuser

Plastic cutlery ➔ Bamboo cutlery set

Polystyrene foam packaging ➔ Eco-friendly lunch box to pack your lunch

Disposable coffee cup ➔ Glass or stainless steel travel mug

Sponge ➔ Wood pot scrubber

Paper towel ➔ Cloth

Plastic or foam egg cartons ➔ Moulded fibre egg cartons


Pens Fountain pen

Cleaning products DIY cleaning products

Polyester, nylon, acrylic fabrics Cotton, silk, linen, wool, cashmere

Plastic children’s toys Wood, paper, and upcycled toys


Dryer sheets Dryer balls

Laundry detergent Plastic-free laundry strips

Start where you can and with in your means. Slowly choose to replace select items at a time. If you’re making swaps, snap a photo and tag us using @ditchplasticpackaging on Instagram and #ditchplasticpackaging.