Spring Break. A week for college students to get away from studies and hit the road (or airplanes) to a warmer destination. Spring break is approaching and with more people travelling again, you may wish to make plans to get away to white sandy beaches and sunshine.

Whether you’re heading to Florida, California, Mexico, or Punta Cana, it’s time to start planning on how you can reduce your plastic and foam waste while travelling. There are ways to reduce your plastic footprint as much as possible and leave your destination as clean as possible when you leave.

Here are some ways waste can be reduced while travelling:


Avoid toiletries in plastic and use solid toiletries. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they are also practical and save on space when packing up your suitcase. Replace plastic bottles with toothpaste tabs, solid shampoo, solid soap bars, and solid deodorant bars. Using these can help to eliminate plastic from your toiletries bag. When arriving at your destination, refuse mini shampoo and conditioner bottles at your hotel. 

Alongside solid toiletries, replace your plastic toothbrush with a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. If you haven’t already, change up your makeup routine so it is also plastic-free – consider make-up in compostable packaging and use reusable cotton pads for removing your make-up. Spring break is the perfect time to evaluate this routine as you may choose to wear less make-up while out in the sun, why not refresh your routine while you’re at it to avoid any more waste while at your destination?


Just because you’re away from home or school for Spring Break, does not mean you have to let your plastic and foam-free habits go to the wayside while away. When packing up your backpack or suitcase, one way to avoid single-use plastic bags while you’re away is to also pack an extra cloth tote bag in your luggage. This way you will have a bag to bring with you while heading to supermarkets, clothing stores, or souvenir shops while on vacation. Bringing a cloth tote bag of your own allows you to say no to single-use plastic bags while away.

Eating Out

With this idea in mind, you may also wish to pack your own reusable stainless steel straw, utensils, and refillable water bottle. Plastic straws and utensils are often not recyclable and end up on the beach or the landfills. Carry your own so you can refuse any of these items while eating take-out on your trip.


Although it is nice to have a token from your trip or bring back gifts for friends and family, we should remember to consciously pick items that are plastic and foam-free and have little to no harm to our environment. Avoid trinkets that are cheaply made of plastic. Some souvenir ideas include local food, coffee, tea, or candy. Consumable gifts in recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable packaging have a low impact and can be enjoyed right away. You may also wish to purchase local art, clothing, postcards, or books. All of these make for great and easy-to-pack souvenirs. It’s a bonus if you can find items that are made locally.

Stay Local

Are you still planning Spring Break and not sure where to go? It is also possible to enjoy your week off while having a stay-cation. By staying home, you avoid the stress of packing and traveling far. You can use all of your plastic and foam-free reusable items while planning day trips around your city or town. Choose local businesses to support – eat at restaurants, shop at local markets, take cooking or art classes. A staycation also allows you to avoid plastic takeout containers and keep you cooking at home. 

Are you having a plastic and foam-free Spring Break? We would love to see what else you do to reduce your plastic waste while on Spring Break. Tag us using #ditchplasticpackaging.